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The following sites may be of interest and can be visited by clicking on the links. Please note that these links are provided for information only. Although we hope they will be of interest, a site's inclusion does not constitute ERTA's endorsement or recommendation of the site.

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Recorder Home Page

Comprehensive site compiled by Nicholas Lander providing information on virtually anything related to the recorder.

The following sites may be of interest and can be visited by clicking on the links. Please note that these links are provided for information only. Although we hope they will be of interest, a site's inclusion does not constitute ERTA's endorsement or recommendation of the site.

Recorder Manufacturers and Retail Outlets recorder teacher, arranger, publisher An online shop selling new and pre-owned Instruments, Accessories, Gifts and offers Recorder Servicing and Re-sale.

Kevin Mayhew Publishing: The extensive Kevin Mayhew music catalogue caters for all standards, from the complete beginner through to the professional.

The Recorder Shop: An early music store retailing recorders, crumhorns, viols and sheet music. Feature Dovehouse Editions and Loux Music Publications.

Philippe Bolton Recorders: French maker of medieval, baroque and modern recorders, including electroacoustic recorders.

Kunath Instrumentenbau: Produce a range of recorders from Fulda, East Germany.

Mollenhauer Recorders: Copies of historical instruments, special keywork for handicapped musicians, and repair of all woodwind instruments. German shop offering instruments from workshops around the world, recorder accessories and CDs.

von Huene Workshop, Inc.: Maker and dealer of historical woodwinds. They also repair instruments and sell music, accessories and instruments by all makers of historical woodwinds, strings and keyboards.

Saunders Recorders Home Page: Wide range of selected recorders and comprehensive catalogue of recorder music; comments and advice.

Dolmetsch Online: Site packed with events, resources and recorder related matters. You can also print off blank manuscript paper, landscape and portrait.

Prescott Workshop: Prescott Workshop is devoted to making copies of historical woodwinds of the finest possible quality.

Tim Cranmore Recorders: Tim holds a performer's diploma in recorder, and has supplied many instrument to professional and amateur players all over the world during twenty years as a maker.

Bergstrom Recorders

Wood, Wind and Reed: East Anglia's foremost woodwind and brass shop.

The Early Music Shop: The largest source of early music instruments worldwide.

Adrian Brown: Maker of recorders, with a deep interest in historical recorders, now based in a new workshop in Amsterdam.

Unicorn Music: Internet site selling new and used high quality recorders and accessories. Also The Recorder From Zero, recorder method utilizing renaissance and medieval music in duet form (2nd vol recently published).

Schott and Co Ltd: shop for more than 30,000 music, book and CD titles, multimedia products and magazines.

Historical Woodwinds: Maker of renaissance and baroque recorders and of baroque flutes (traverso)

Music Sales

Other Recorder Teacher Associations


Nederlandse Blokfluitpagina: ERTA Netherlands. ERTA Germany. ERTA Austria.

ARTA: American Recorder Teachers Association

Recorder Societies

American Recorder Society: The members of the American Recorder Society include teachers, leading professional musicians, and amateurs of all ages. Founded in 1939, the ARS has provided service and support to recorder players worldwide for over 60 years.

Society of Recorders: The Society of Recorder Players. The Recorder Magazine Received by all members, Publications by the Society, SRP Walter Bergman Fund to help young players. Description: promoting recorder playing in the UK and Ireland.

European Recorder Players Club: The European Recorder Players Club EuroRPC offers a free meeting point in the web where recorder players from all over Europe can exchange their experiences.


Comprehensive list of players worldwide from Recorder Home Page Australia

Respectable Groove: A jazz band whose standards come from medieval, renaissance and folk music.

Zana Clarke, Australia

Rodney Waterman, Australia

Recorder Orchestras/Ensembles

Blokfluitensemble Praetorius (NL)

Heart of England Recorder Orchestra

Manchester Recorder Orchestra

Recorder Orchestra of New York

Mid Peninsula Recorder Orchestra (California)

Hampshire Recorder Sinfonia

Recorder Music

Alfredston Music: Renaissance music for recorders, viols and voice.

David Solomons Music: Wind Instruments. Music for recorders, various sized group including recorder orchestras.

Electronically available sheet music (Scorch): Sheet music (some for free) you can download once you have downloaded Sibelius Scorch software plugin.

Hawthorns Music: Specialising in music for recorders and editions of early music.

Recorder Music Mail: Information about the recorder, harpsichord and fortepiano, with a catalogue of music available.

Rossendale Press - Recorder Music Specialists: Recorder and music education specialists.

Starshine Music: Specialists in writing and publishing exciting and stimulating music for use in schools and youth groups. The normal Director's script/score is supported by a CD featuring 'Trio Tagarela', full recorder and percussion scores and a narrative script.

Weald Music Services: Ensemble Music for Recorder Players of varied abilities by Anthony Purnell.


Business Data Online: Affordable websites with built-in hosting and content management. Start with the 'musicians option' and tailor the site to your own needs. Support and copywriting services available.

CIMCIM: The international committee of musical instrument museums and collections. This web site has useful links to many museums and collections of recorders around the world.

Finer Furniture: Quality, hand-crafted music stands made from English oak.

Galpin Society: The home page of the Galpin Society, information of all aspects of the history, construction and development of musical instruments (including recorders!). This site also has some interesting links.

Incorporated Society of Musicians: Professional society for all musicians in the UK.

Jacob van Eyck: Site giving many details of the life and works of Dutch recorder player, bell ringer and composer, Jacob van Eyck, compiled by Thiemo Wind, music editor of the leading Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. Site also includes articles, concerts, etc.

Music Teachers: Comprehensive site with search facilities for locating teachers.

Orpheus Music (Australia): Supports Australian recorder players and composers through recordings and music publishing. Organises festivals and publishes new Australasian recorder magazine, Cinnamon Sticks

Pipers Guild of Great Britain: The Guild was founded in Britain in 1932. Its main aim is the threefold craft of making, playing and decorating bamboo pipes. Pipes are made for personal use, and are not sold - i.e. if you want to play one, you'll have to make one!

RJL Music: Online source for sheet music, books, examination materials, technical exercises and more.


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