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Welcome to ERTA UK. We are a dynamic organisation that provides a forum for recorder teachers and all educational practitioners interested in the recorder to share best practice and their joy for music making and education. Through our annual events including conference and CPD training, we aim to promote and disseminate the highest standards of recorder teaching across the UK. Our membership includes those working with our youngest students, through to post conservatoire/university and lifelong learners. Whether you work in schools, colleges, conservatoires or private practices, we provide a space for you to share ideas and celebrate all things recorder. Send us an e-mail on this site for more information - we look forward to hearing all about you!

Chris Orton, Chair, ERTA UK

ERTA UK Wishes everyone a happy Summer holiday, and see you in the new academic year! September zoom date to be confirmed ASAP...

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Working together with

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Network and Contacts

ERTA provides a support network for all recorder teachers, whether specialist or not,
and facilitates communication between teachers, players, composers, and makers.


ERTA maintains a network of contacts that members can call upon.

Information and Events

ERTA keeps its members informed of the latest news, current research and educational matters, and publishes a diary of events throughout the UK and Europe.

Open to all

ERTA membership is open to students, teachers (specialist and non-specialist, full time or part-time) players, corporations and all interested parties.

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